Nothing fancy. Just three ingredients, carefully combined and left to rise. 

Lorna ferments her sourdough for at least 24 hours before it goes in the oven. This gives plenty of time for the nutrients in the flour to be broken down by the naturally cultivated yeast, making it readily available for easy digestion.  

Supermarkets don't have the time to make bread like this. Luckily for you, Lorna makes time for it. And she's here to pass on the delicious, healthy results to you. 

Lorna's sourdoughs are all made with locally sourced organic ingredients, and totally free of additives and preservatives. 



 Lorna makes her sourdough in her micro-bakery at Radcliffe market. As every item is made by hand, there will only be  a small selection of loaves available on each trading day. Therefore if you don't want to miss out you can simply order online and choose which day you would like to collect your bread from the market.

We will be offering a speciality bread each week.

Check out the bread page to find out this week's flavour. 



What's so special about it?

Sourdough is made from flour, water and salt, left to slowly ferment with the help of naturally occurring yeast in the environment. 

Leavening bread naturally like this takes a lot longer than if you were using fast acting yeast, but this gives a chance for the wheat to be broken down properly. This makes sourdough easier to digest and more nutritious than your typical supermarket loaf. 

For this reason, it's very common for people who believe they're 'gluten intolerant' to switch to sourdough and find their intolerance suddenly disappear! 

There's nothing new about this approach; for thousands of years, this was the only way of leavening bread. And if it wasn't for the commercial pressure to produce bread as quickly as possible to keep prices low, sourdough would still be the norm. 


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